My current book

What is this book about?

It’s about three couples and three fates that couldn’t be more different.

Paul surpasses himself when he meets Lucy.

Peter takes Inna to places she will never forget.

Grigorij and Alexandra have to flee Europe.

They are all united by the will to survive.
But they must learn that their lives are hanging by a thread.

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More about the book

Paul and Lucy

Paul is an IT forensic scientist and security expert.
His partner Lucy is a trained meditation and yoga teacher.
Both love each other dearly and support each other.

Do Paul and Lucy have a future after she was kidnapped?

Grigorij and Alexandra

Grigory is a former Russian spy and leader of a secret organization.
His secretary is his mistress. She would do anything for him.

How will Grigorij and Alexandra fare after their escape?

Peter and Inna

Peter is the owner and head of a security company that
offers personal protection, special missions, and services.
They have the best mercenaries for governments and private individuals.
Inna enters his life unexpectedly.
Right from the start, they both sense they are made for each other.

Will there be a happy ending or will Inna deceive Peter and plant a virus into his computer network?